A Caring World

7 More Things You Can Do To Help The World

1) Reach out to a lonely person:
Say "Hi" to a person whom you think may be lonely. Start a conversation with them. Chat with them on a regular basis.

2) Use a charity search engine:
When you use the Goodsearch search engine, sponsors donate money to different causes. You choose the charity you want to benefit from your use of their search engine. There are many different wonderful charities to choose from. You can also shop on their site with Goodshop. However, you are not required to do so. When you use Goodshop, money goes to charity as well.

For the homepage of Goodsearch click here.

To learn more about Goodsearch, click here and scroll down.

3) Make care packages for the homeless:
You can make a wonderful difference in the life of a homeless person. You can lift their spirits and give them hope. You can make a care package using an extra large Ziploc bag or some other means. Remember to keep bottles of liquid in a separate container before putting them in the extra large Ziploc bag. Contact your local mission or homeless shelter to see if they accept care packages. The Veterans Site has some really good suggestions on what to put in care packages.

4) Volunteer:
There are many, many wonderful volunteer projects. Check our your local schools, libraries, and senior centers. You can also volunteer right from your home by educating people, running online classes, running helplines, and more. VolunteerMatch has wonderful opportunities. Choose the virtual option if you want to volunteer from home.

5) Use the Internet to educate others:
Find a cause that you are passionate about. Create a website or a blog and educate others. Raise awareness.

6) Donate: Find a cause, a project, an organization, an agency, a shelter, or any place in the world where there are people trying to help others in need. You can donate food, blankets, money, toys, clothes, pet beds, school supplies, and many other things, depending on what is needed. Visit websites; ask questions. See what is needed.

7) Clinic in a Can
If you are one of the many people in the world who are affluent and have money to burn, consider starting a very tiny medical or dental clinic in a remote part of the world. These clinics are relatively very inexpensive and can help tons of people who cannot get to a regular clinic because it is too far away. In various parts of the world, people on foot have to carry the sick for days and days. The clinics are made in Kansas and shipped to various parts of the world.

Clinic in a Can: Homepage

Clinic in a Can: Facebook page


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Graphic: The Setting Sun (small version), by Sharon Lee Hudson

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