A Caring World

Caring About Wild Birds

Watching wild birds can be an enjoyable hobby that is at times exciting and at other times relaxing. Please be kind by bird watching responsibly and give birds their space. Use binoculars to see birds up close, instead of getting close to them. To learn more about wild birds, please make your choice.

Observe birds in the wild and submit notes on your observations to eBird, so that scientists can learn more about the environment of wild birds and what is needed to be done to help them. Please watch birds in ethical and responsible manners.

Bird Watching Code of Ethics - TheABA
Learn the rules to watching birds responsibly.

Wild Bird Life List
A list of brief observations of different species of birds identified by author of this site over the years.

Crows and Kin
The author's blog about crows and their relatives. Entries end at 2017, but will begin again this year. Blog includes observations and links to lots of information.


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Graphic: Sunset with Flying Birds, by Sharon Lee Hudson

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