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The Internet is a wonderful tool can be used to help feed people and animals, keep people healthy, and much more. You can click on a special button, or play a game on some websites, and sponsors will donate money. You can also search the web using a charity search engine. All are free. But, when actions are free, often the results are very small. However, over time, these results get larger and larger. And when your results are combined with the results of other people, the outcomes can be extraordinary.*

. Down below are a few of the actions I take on a regular basis to help the world. Some new ones were recently added, as well. Please feel free to join me by clicking on the links. All are free, except for planting trees (one dollar per tree) and tending to a charity's wish list (which often includes some low cost items). Links to tree planting agencies and charities that have wish lists will change about once a month on this page.

. Please follow the rules on the charity's site. Normally, game sites can be played whenever you want, while click -to-donate sites require you click only once in 24 hours. For both, please make sure your ad blockers are off and all pages fully load before clicking on the special button or before leaving the site.

Outcomes are as of January 26, 2019.

Amount of rice donated : 1,640 grains

Food donated to people in need (does not include rice above): 3.49 cups

Number of mammograms assisted in funding : 2

Food donated to dogs and cats in shelters: 1.8 bowls

Number of times a big, wild cat was fed: 2

Amount of rainforests protected: 72.74 square feet

Number of trees planted: Will start Feb. 1st

Amount raised through AmazonSmile: $0.00 for Bright Eyes Sanctuary (will change Jan 31st)

**Funds raised for 96 Elephants by searching the web via Goodsearch: $0.05

Item recently purchased from a wish list and donated to that charity, shelter, or rescue: Timothy mat
for Brambley Hedge Rabbit Rescue; Homepage and Wish List

*On Jan. 17, 2019, my total for cups of food donated through The Hunger Site by clicking on their donation button was 3.49 cups. However, considering all people who clicked, the site reported, "together we've funded 469,882,095 cups of food."

** The agency, 96 Elephants works toward protecting elephants from poachers through various actions such as legislation and petitions. Goodsearch an Internet search engine that allows you to raise money for various causes when you search the Internet. While a great many people have used Goodsearch, few have set their searches so that the 96 Elephants can be the recipient. Consider using Goodsearch in order to benefit the 96 Elephants. Of course, there are tons of other causes listed, if you prefer to help another agency.

With Goodsearch, in order for your efforts to be connected to your charity of choice, you must first sign up for an account. After that, select "Causes" from the drop down menu, and find a cause that is important to you. Select that cause. Do not search for the sake of searching. Search when you have a legitimate reason to search. Internet search and click-to-donate sites can be pretty strict.


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