A Caring World

Can One Person Make a Difference?

Can one person make a difference? Yes. One person can do a lot. When results are tiny, over time, they add up. When those results are combined with the results of tens of thousands of people around the world, the outcome can be extraordinary. Down below is a small list of a few of my efforts. I’m excited to see them add up over time.

Enumeration began on November 25, 2018.

Outcomes are as of December 2, 2018.

Results of using the Internet for good (clicking on charity websites, using a charity search engine, etc.):

Amount of rice donated: 1,220 grains

Food donated to people in need (does not include rice above): 2.36 cups

Food donated to dogs and cats in shelters: 1.2 bowls

Amount of rainforest protected: 50.96 square feet

Amount of ocean protected: 100 square feet

No. of online petitions signed for various causes (ex: civil rights, reduced gun violence, etc.): 3

*Funds raised for the San Diego Companion Rabbit Society via Goodsearch: $0.05
* Goodsearch is an Internet search engine that allows you to raise money for various causes when you search the Internet. While a great many people have used Goodsearch, few have set their searches so that the San Diego Companion Rabbit Society can be the recipient. Consider using Goodsearch in order to benefit the San Diego Companion Rabbit Society. Of course, there are tons of other causes listed, if you prefer to help another agency. Like Goodsearch, when you use Goodshop (to make purchases online), funds are donated to the charity you choose from the Goodsearch/Goodshop website.

With Goodsearch, in order for your efforts to be connected to your charity of choice, you must first sign up for an account. After that, select "Causes" from the drop down menu, and find a cause that is important to you. Select that cause. To reach the Goodsearch/Goodshop website, visit https://www.goodsearch.org/


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