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About the Drawing

The drawing, Time for Peace is based on the many banners depicting a smiling sun surrounded by clouds that appear throughout this site. Due to the severity of the topic of this section (Modern Slavery), the smiling sun was omitted. The sun was replaced by an opened pocket watch, which contains a peace sign across from the clock face, as it is time for peace. This means modern slavery needs to cease to exist. Replacing the sun with a watch may have been influenced by the opening credits of the soap opera, Days of Our Lives which uses a timer surrounded by clouds. The Caring blog, one of two blogs connected to this site, located at http://caringworld98.blogspot.com/ has a smiling sun that will remain for now, due to the fact that the blog covers a variety of topics,

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Drawing: Time for Peace, by Sharon Lee Hudson.

A Caring World: (c) Sharon Lee Hudson