A Caring World

About the Author

Sharon Lee Hudson currently resides in the Upper Midwestern area of the United States. She has a Master of Science in Special Education with a concentration of Learning Disabilities. Sharon is originally from New York City- born in Harlem, and raised in the Bronx. Throughout her adult life, she has been involved in many humanitarian, environmental, and wild animal activist projects. Her philosophy of life is that "the world can be healed with cards, letters, and other forms of communication." Thus, the computer keyboard and pens are the tools she uses to create change. Projects include humanitarian pen pal efforts, mentoring via video conferences, creating fundraising websites for charities, signing online petitions to support human rights and the better treatment of wild animals, creating websites that bring awareness to issues in the world, and encouraging the public to act on those issues.


Table of Choices

Picture: Sharon and Her Toy Sea Turtle (selfie)
To learn more about sea turtles, visit the National Save the Sea Turtle Foundation at http://savetheseaturtle.org/.
(That site takes a few seconds to load.)

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