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Cards and Letters

Writings letters or sending cards are wonderful ways to brighten someone's life and provide emotional support. There are many humanitarian programs that involve writing letters and/or sending cards to people of various ages. Some are pen pal programs (two-way). Some involve sending letters and cards without expecting to hear back from those you support because of the circumstances someone is in, or because the program is designed that way (one-way).

UNHCR- The UN Refugee Agency
Leave a friendly messages of encouragement and emotional support for refugee children from war-torn Syria. Please click here.
You can read the UNHCR's presentation of information on Syria, by clicking here.

Cradle Cincinnati
Send nice and friendly letters to pregnant women in need of emotional support. The agency will take them and distribute them to pregnant women in Cincinnati. When you get to the homepage, put your cursor on Help Now, and then click on Letters of Love.

Send Kids the World
Send kids who are sick postcards to brighten their days. Remember, when so many cards are sent to a sick child, it is hard on the siblings (especially very young siblings) to see their brother or sister get so much attention, especially if they are too young to understand the illness. You can send siblings and other family members postcards as well. To send postcards to family members of the sick child, scroll down on the left side of the homepage to the Siblings link.

Cards for Hospitalized Kids
Put a smile on the face of a sick child by making a card. Mail the card to an agency in Chicago, and it will be forwarded to a sick child. Make sure you check out the FAQ page for details.

Post Pals
When you get to the site, click on the How You Can Help section. This is an agency based in the United Kingdom. However, if you do not want to pay foreign postage, you can send an email. The site states "send a cheerful card, letter, email, or even a little gift to the child via the address on their page."

Love for the Elderly
When you send letters and cards to Love for the Elderly, the agency sends them "to various nursing homes, hospices, and assisted living facilities, where they are then distributed to seniors who are in need of a little extra love" (About page).

Soldier's Angels
There are various programs that involve sending things to families of deployed soldiers, or the soldiers themselves. Some programs involve cards and letters. Other programs include sending little gifts. Some programs involve both.

Adopt a US Soldier
Offer emotional support to a soldier by writing to him or her on a regular basis. Your cards and letters will make a big difference.

Prison Pen Pal Project
This program allows women "on the outside" to become pen pals to women serving time in prison. This is a humanitarian pen pal program, not a romantic one. When you get to the page, scroll all the way down to the very bottom where the links are.

Results from studies indicate that when a prisoner has a pen pal while incarcerated, that person is less likely to commit another crime after being released. So, writing a person in prison goes a long way in helping society in general.


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