A Caring World

Click for People, Animals, and the Environment

. You can help the world by clicking a button on a web site. When you click, sponsors will donate food and other important things to help people in need. Some sites also help animals and the environment.

. Make sure you have no ad blockers that are active on the site you plan to click on. Make sure you allow the pages and the ads to fully load before and after you click.

. Please only click on the button no more than once in 24 hours. However, games are different (ex:Freerice.com). You can click on game sites multiple times. However, observe site rules.

Click for Charity Sites

. Greater Good
Various causes including feeding children, adults and even dogs and cats.

. Care2.com
Various causes that let you help people, wild animals, and the environment

. Big Cat Rescue
Help tigers and other big cats. (This page takes several seconds to load.)

. Freerice.com
Play an educational game so rice will be donated to people in need.


Table of Choices

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