A Caring World

Many people have a cynical view of the world. It's easy to obtain that view because so many terrible things go on in the world. But there are amazing people and even amazing animals that give so much to this world. There are tons of people who devote their lives to helping to make the world a better place: the volunteer at the food pantry, the volunteer at the animal sanctuary, the child who plays free games on the internet so people can be fed, the woman who speaks out against modern slavery, the man who donates so a clinic can be built and more, etc., etc., etc.

What kind of hero will you be? Will you check on a neighbor whom you know is lonely? Will you become a foster parent to a seeing eye guide dog in training? Will you volunteer to help take care of sick whales? Will you start a blog to give people who suffer from a particular illness information and friendly support? Will you teach an adult how to read? What kind of hero will you be today? Think about it...


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Graphic: Celebration by Sharon Lee Hudson

A Caring World: (c) Sharon Lee Hudson