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Mentor a Child

"A mentor is a special kind of helper who works with others in a positive, constructive way so that both mentor and protege have the potential to grow through the relationship" (Indiana University).

There are different types of children who need to be mentored. Some live in single parent homes. Some are former foster children who are now in college and need guidance. Some have been touched by HIV/AIDS in a variety of ways.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of America
Big Brothers Big Sisters of America states,"being a Big Brother or Big Sister is one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling things you’ll ever do." The organization has several different types of mentoring programs that are one-on-one, face-to-face, and fun.


Get Involved

Foster Care 2 Success
"College-bound foster youth may feel especially alone with no family or community connections, and a history of moving often and attending multiple schools may have left them poorly prepared for college-level work"(Foster Care 2 Success).

With Foster Care 2 Success you can mentor a college student who was formerly a foster child and is now in college. Through phone calls and/or email, you can help them make good decisions that will increase their chances of making it successfully through college.

Mentor Program (Academic Successful Coaching)


Infinite Family
Infinite Family states that they are "a global mentoring organization dedicated to using technology to allow adults around the world to step in where there are not enough local role models. Our volunteer mentors teach, discuss, challenge, encourage, befriend and love their Net Buddy mentees- they are agents of self-reliance." With Infinite Family you can mentor a child in South Africa via video conferences that take place on the Internet. All children in the program have had their lives changed by HIV/AIDS in one way or another.

Mentors and Mentees



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Graphic: The Mentor and the Mentee, by Sharon Lee Hudson

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