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Modern Slavery in the United States

According to Free the Slaves, there are slaves living in 167 countries. In terms of numbers, the United States ranks 145 on that list. That might seem low. However, the number of slaves estimated to be living in the United States is 60,000.

Slavery in the United States is not limited to one particular type of race. In fact, such events extend to the Caucasian race as well. Some people, including children are purposefully brought into this country to become slaves. The adult, or the child's family are promised a better life. Deals are made with parents in other countries, and children are sent here to attend school and work. Adults make arrangements with someone living here to come to the US and work. Often in these situations, the person arrives and their passports are taken by their new employers. Such events are followed by threats, and/or violence. The person remains stuck due to fear, not understanding the laws of this country, and not understanding how things work.

Not all slaves are brought into this country. American adults and children are forced into slavery as well. Many times such circumstances include forced work as a prostitute. Such situations include threats and or/violence. Victims may be forced to take drugs to keep them complacent. In some subcultures in this country, children are forced or strongly encouraged to marry adults.

According to CNN Money, victims of slavery are in plain sight. "They work on US. construction sites and farms, in restaurants, and hotels, even homes" (Sahadi). However, they can be found in many other places as well. Such victims may get very, very little rest, and tiny amounts of food. There are even accounts of slaves being forced to live in a truck, forced to live in a cage for some time, and forced to bathe with pigs. In June, 2015, President Obama signed a law that addresses human trafficking. "Yasmin Vafa, an official with the Human Rights Project 4 Girls, said Monday Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act of 2015 means 'survivors of child sex trafficking in the United States will finally receive the vital services and protections they deserve'"(Wetzstein, 2015).

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