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Clean Water

According to the Tap Project, close to 900 million are unable to obtain clean water. According to The Water Project, 1 out of every 8 humans beings is unable to obtain clean water. In many, many countries, clean water is a luxury and very hard to obtain. Women with buckets on their heads walk miles and miles to get water...water that is not even clean. People in many parts of the world drink dirty water because clean water is not available. A great many infants die because they get sick from drinking dirty water.

It's important to note that "women make most household water and sanitation decisions, but they are rarely invited to be involved in planning or management of water and sanitation systems...Water projects that involve women in planning and management are proven more likely to succeed" (Brown, 2009).

There are ways in which we can help people around the world get clean water. Some ways are free. You can also donate, even very little money to help people get clean water. Here are some free ways you can learn more and/or help:

Unicef: Tap Project

Create an online fundraising page to help people obtain clean water


Homepage for the United States branch
(Click on the arrow next to the American flag for other countries.)

Create a fundraising page via FirstGiving to help people get clean water


Unicef: The Tap Project
-General FAQ
-Homepage: http://www.tapproject.org/

The Water Project: When Water Comes, Everything Changes
-Homepage: http://thewaterproject.org/?gclid=CO7whLmv3bACFUQUKgodiXH51g

Brown, A. (December 2, 2009. 10 Facts on Women and Water. Water for the Ages

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